Signal provides private security services for businesses and homeowners. With 200 franchises across the U.S., the Signal corporate team hosts an annual conference bringing their franchisees together to discuss the company’s vision for the future and celebrate the successes of the previous year. The corporate marketing team approached us to help establish a visual strategy for the convention in 2021, while building in brand flexibility for the years to come.

To begin, we addressed the convention branding as a whole, taking into consideration the changing locations of the convention and the annual theme. The broad needs of the brand necessitated an flexible setup that allowed for unique elements each year with a common structure to maintain brand consistency.

The new convention branding layers a typography-based logo with the Signal logo, convention year, and location over a logo holder that pays homage to a badge shape and subtly changes on the top to reflect a familiar landscape associated with the host city (which changes each year). The color strategy included consistent base colors with changeable secondary colors that will reflect the location for each convention year.