In what was once a booming industrial area of north Omaha known for innovation, the Millwork Commons neighborhood is paying homage to the past by re-imaging the area as an innovation hub for tech, art, design, and community growth. The developing neighborhood is home to independent businesses, apartments, and public spaces strengthened by inclusiveness. With a goal to build a distinguishing brand for the neighborhood, the lead developers approached us to help craft a brand that was vibrant yet flexible enough to partner with the incoming businesses.

Our engagement began by defining a brand vision for the neighborhood. After meeting with various stakeholders, we helped the team capture and articulate the brand pillars, direction, and vision for the neighborhood, successfully laying the foundation for a broad system Millwork Commons could grow with. From there, we crafted a versatile one-color wordmark that was adaptable for pairing with other partner logos, brand applications, and color variations from the neighborhood’s vibrant six-color palette.