Nature’s Logic is a pet food company committed to providing high-quality, safe nutrition for pets. They came to us looking to produce packaging that would appeal to a younger audience for their new Distinction brand line, which includes five proteins in three different bag sizes.

When designing packaging, the primary goals are always to stand out among a sea of competitors, look great on the shelf, and provide the customer with the information they need so they can quickly make a decision. Our design focused on an immersive experience with illustrated, whimsical settings to pique the customer’s interest. Each protein was given a unique color and custom illustrations. We chose to lay out the type in a way that isn’t overwhelming but still gives the customer the information they need. We worked with their existing brand colors to serve as the primary palette, but brought additional complimentary colors to increase the bag’s vibrancy.

We also developed the logo for the new product line, keeping with the tradition of the parent logo for Nature’s Logic. All of this worked together to allow Nature’s Logic’s packaging to stand out on the shelf.