Timeless Appeal

Watchville is an application created by North Technologies that provides aggregated news content and tools for high-end watch enthusiasts. We developed the logo and designed the app’s user interface.

Keep Time like a Hero

Watchville was created for collectors interested in luxury and vintage wristwatches. Our goal was to create an identity that embraced a premium, classic sensibility. The logo merges Watchville’s “W” with the hands of a clock. This mark was combined with a custom-created, straightforward typeface and a warm color palette featuring neutral tones.

Always on the Clock

The Watchville application features a tool that helps users sync their watches to an atomic clock. With an audience that values precision, we focused the app design on delivering information in a clean, streamlined style. We enlarged the type and allowed for plenty of breathing room.

Syncing Up

We collaborated closely with North Technologies, working as an extension to their team. Often supersmart teams benefit from an objective party or additional talent that can help further refine a brand concept. The partnership on Watchville was a great combination that led to a superior end product.