Overland Summers

A Digital Showcase for Life-Changing Adventures

For 30 years, Overland has hosted summer adventures around the world for 4th to 12th graders. One of the early providers of high-end adventure trips for young people, they’ve grown exponentially over the years. With an ever-changing slate of trips, adventure guides, and participants, it is important for Overland to have a dynamic, organized, and highly functional web presence. Over the course of several months, we partnered with Overland’s leadership and marketing team to build a 100-page website that featured the excitement of a trip to an exotic location but was grounded in a sense of trust and security.

Overland Online, No Passport Required


Excitement Plus Security

Overland organizes adventure trips for young people, but their target audience, their actual consumers, are parents whose main concern is safety. Our design reflected this consideration. Using modern, straightforward colors and graphics, we crafted a clean frame to feature beautiful images of happy students around the world.

Start with a Handshake

Our aim was to create a site that would inspire parents and students while reinforcing Overland’s reliability and safety. We did this by creating robust and browsable information about the company, its history, and the staff.

Wish You Were Here

Seeing happy campers (literally!) on trips around the world served a dual purpose. We could communicate the quality of adventures and the level of care traveler’s could expect.


Overland’s website had more than 100 pages and featured 284 trip leaders plus 46 trips that each included varying details (itineraries, packing lists, and more). We improved the searching experience and built in a retail “browsing” approach to provide visitors with a sense of discovery.

Perfectly Mobile for Any Adventure

Powerful and Easy Content Updates

Overland required a robust CMS to handle the ongoing updates their site required. Individual pages for each trip and each trip leader needed to allow for regular changes to packing lists, pricing information, itineraries, and more. Our solution was a heavily customized WordPress dashboard featuring intuitive descriptors so anyone on the Overland team could jump in and update the site. We coordinated closely with Overland’s developers to ensure the new site and code integrated with their existing registration process.