A Smart Startup Changes the Home Security Game

Kuna Systems is a company comprised of engineers, designers, and craftsmen who decided to reinvent the home security system. Their product, Kuna, is a smart light fixture that detects people coming to your home using a built-in camera. Homeowners can then monitor activity, wherever they are, via their smartphone. Kuna approached us for help with brand building and the development of materials in preparation of an upcoming fundraising campaign.

Crowdfunding Campaigns Demand Specific Strategy

As one of the first to market with this type of preventative home-security device, the main challenge was combating the question,  “Why should I need something that’s never existed before?” We set about to create something that simultaneously introduced the product and educated consumers on its value. Proving that through advances in technology, a new type of security was now available — and cost effective.

It’s All in the Details

We designed an identity that combined elements of modernity and safety. During logo exploration we created a custom typeface to that end. We also experimented with imagery that represented security and settled on swords to convey “defense” and camera lenses to convey “prevention.” A light color palette, an airy layout, and clean lines contributed to a modern sensibility.

Make Room for the App

The Kuna app “talks” to the Kuna light via your home’s wifi. Our design challenge was balancing the real estate on the app screens with the need for video demonstrations and action items. Circular buttons created an inviting aesthetic and helped us avoid spatial crowding.

Show and Tell

The actual Kuna product was still in development as we were creating the website. Because customers could not go to a store to test out the product firsthand, it was important to demonstrate how it would function. Our solution was to create an HTML5 live action video to show customers how the Kuna would display in a live environment and in the mobile app.



In one month, Kuna raised $229,074 — $179,074 over their $50,000 crowdfunding campaign goal.