Coffee with a Cop

Coffee with a Cop is a program that was started by members of the Hawthorne California Police Department in 2011 as a way to improve relations between police and community members. We were asked to update their logo and create a new website to better engage with their growing national and international audience.


A Badge of Simplicity

We updated the existing Coffee with a Cop logo by simplifying and modernizing the mark. The result was a one-color mark that still featured a badge and a cup of hot coffee.


A Sprinkling of Personality

We created a suite of illustrations that supported the brand values of responsiveness, professionalism, and helpfulness.

Web Design & Development
Content Strategy

Multiple Ways to Say “Welcome”

We created a mobile-friendly and responsive website in WordPress that could handle high-volume traffic. Custom-built features allow Coffee with a Cop administrators to auto-publish and display upcoming and past events.

The site’s users are comprised of multiple, and sometimes divergent, audiences. We carefully considered the user experience and content approach to ensure clarity and inclusivity.


Building Understanding

Animation in key areas throughout the site help to better explain the program’s purpose.

There’s been some vandalism in my neighborhood. Is it okay to call the police if I see graffiti?

Absolutely, In fact, let me give you the 24-hour graffiti hotline and you can call anytime. I will also go by later today and see if I can take care of it sooner.

I want to host a block party this summer, do I need to inform the police department?

Any event, other than construction, that uses a roadway requires a special events permit. I can give you the number to call.

There is a car that looks abandoned parked down the street.

Let me help. I can call our Parking Enforcement Officer to check on it right now.

"Working with Grain & Mortar was a true collaboration from start to finish.

The final product (which went beyond our expectations) is only part of the story. The collaboration and creative process is what separates Grain & Mortar from others. Most importantly, we found that the company stands by what they say. Integrity is at the heart of who they are, and we are proud to be partners with them."

Michael Ishii

Hawthorne Police Department, Coffee with a Cop