Grain & Mortar developed a full suite of brand and digital tools to launch Beep, a product that allows users to control any type of speaker from their phones.


Amplifying a Brand

Beep brings music into people’s lives using leading technology and high-quality construction. The product connects “old” technology (boom boxes, speakers, receivers) with new technology (iPhones, tablets). Our goal was to transform their existing brand to convey the product’s quality construction and the sense of fun that music brings to life. Our take on the Beep mark features rounded lettering to mimic the hardware’s rounded dial. The sound bars represent the idea of “turning up the volume” or amplifying your lifestyle. And the intentionally disconnected letters allude to the notion of being simultaneously connected to your old technology and disconnected through wireless control.


Explaining a New Product

Beta testing revealed that users were struggling to understand how to use the Beep. We created an illustration to provide at-a-glance examples of how Beep works in a home environment.

Teaser Artwork

Beep required a web presence prior to their product launch. Our challenge was to generate interest and curiosity without revealing too much because technological adjustments were still in progress. We rendered an outline of the actual product and crafted copy to share basic product information.

Web Design & Development

Focusing on Conversion

The Beep website had multiple objectives. We designed for marketing and e-commerce goals and created a responsive site that served as a one-stop shop to learn, explore, and purchase.

Software Product Design

Making It Easy to Get Started

The primary goal of the Beep app was to help new users set up their product. The onboarding process needed to balance explicit instructions and a spirit of playfulness.

"Grain & Mortar consistently goes above and beyond,

pairing their mad design skills with a constant commitment to doing it right for their clients. We treat Grain & Mortar like a part of our team."

Daniel Conrad

Beep Co-founder