BarCamp Omaha 2014

No Speakers, No Schedule, No Problem

BarCamp is an “un-conference” with no set speaker list or schedule. Rather, it provides entrepreneurs, creatives, tech-types, and anyone else that is excited to talk about what they love a chance to network, learn something new, and communicate about their passions. We created a full suite of creative work — from T-shirts to website — for Omaha’s 2014 BarCamp event.

Oops, Is Our Passion for Illustration Showing?

We crafted whimsical illustrations with a vintage feel to bring our camping theme to life. Texturing added dimension and helped us achieve a rich, worn, and unique look.

Setting the Tone for a Creative Experience

For BarCamp 2014 we embraced the “camp” notion by exploring a nostalgic state park vibe. The visual wonderland of wildlife and landscapes provided a treasure trove of inspiration that started with illustrations and eventually led to the application of the brand online and in event materials.

Bird Hunt Game

Does an un-conference website need a video game? Maybe not, but we decided to have a little fun using custom illustrations from Omaha BarCamps past and present. With a nod to one of our favorite Nintendo games, we built an in-browser video game called “Bird Hunt.”

Fancy Code

In-browser games are difficult to create when you aren’t using Flash, Canvas, or other game-centric frameworks, but we tackled the challenge using jQuery, HTML, and JavaScript. Our main focus was making the game usable on all devices.

Hidden Agenda

The game was “hidden” in plain sight on the website. Our aim was to build in a little social fun by asking game players to post their scores on Twitter using #bcobirdhunt.

"The Barcamp Omaha website is just beautiful.

… [T]he thing I dig most is the illustration work that sets the tone. It promises a pretty well-organized Barcamp; quality is driven home via the visual branding."

Gene Crawford

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