Adapting your business in the midst of COVID19


Businesses all over the world are scrambling to adapt right now in light of the effects of COVID19. We’re no different. Thankfully, we’re in an industry where remote work is commonplace; however, there are still challenges. The primary being uncertainty. Will companies still be investing in design and marketing in the coming months? We believe they should, although with an adapted approach in the wake of the pandemic.

Here are a few ways you can adapt your business to today’s economy:

  1. If you sell a product, establish an e-commerce site to sell online. 
  2. If you’re in the retail or food/beverage industry, provide pre-orders, local pickup, delivery, and gift card options. 
  3. If you are serviced-based, learn how to provide your service virtually, if possible, and make sure your website is updated to properly communicate this with your customers/clients.

All of this pivoting means a change in infrastructure. In order to sell online, you need a website that can do that. Pre-orders, delivery, and gift card sales are the same— your site will need to be equipped to help you make the most of the situation. We can help.

Services we offer:

Full-service e-commerce 

    • Strategic planning 
    • Prototyping and design 
    • Development and shopping cart implementation
    • Ongoing consulting and optimization

Quick-fixes to get you by

    • Adding order forms for gift card sales
    • Developing pre-order forms for local pickup and delivery
    • Adjusting pricing, adding calls to action / notification banners
    • Design and content updates 


We can help with more than just e-commerce. For a full list of our services, please check out our about page or contact us to get started.