Great Content Is Art Plus Science

We Choose Clients with Interesting Stories to Tell

Content is the reason people pay attention. Meaningful content is the reason they come back.

Lifestyle Content

Our curiosity leads us to discover what an audience cares about most and that is where content creation begins.

Brand Storytelling

A great business or product is the hub of a larger story. The launchpad for compelling content that drives interest and builds brands people care about.

There’s More Than One Way to Tell a Story

Our goal is to produce the very best content, whether we create it ourselves or collaborate with others.


We write, edit, and proofread copy.


We create editorial and character illustrations.


We create animated motion graphics.

Art Direction

We collaborate with other creatives to produce still photography and live action video.

Content Strategy Is the Key to an Effective Website

A solid content plan ensures that you “start with the end in mind.” It clarifies your goals and keeps your message consistent.
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Creative and Collaborative

Often clients come to us with a smart tactical plan that needs a thematic strategy. We partner with marketing teams and creative leaders to translate goals into successful, tangible results.
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"Working with Grain & Mortar was a true collaboration from start to finish.

The final product (which went beyond our expectations) is only part of the story. The collaboration and creative process is what separates Grain & Mortar from others. Most importantly, we found that the company stands by what they say. Integrity is at the heart of who they are, and we are proud to be partners with them."

Michael Ishii

Hawthorne Police Department, Coffee with a Cop