User Testing Gives New Direction

Big project. Big challenges. Big results.

Checkr is a Google Ventures-backed technology company focusing on fast, accurate, and advanced background checks. After reaching market saturation in the startup world, they set out to expand to new markets, which ended up taking Checkr on a different visual strategy and user experience than they expected.

All Things Considered, It’s About the User

The discovery phase with Checkr clearly identified their new target market: human resources staff for mid- to large-size companies in the Midwest. It also provided a distinct direction that the clients were interested in, leaning toward designing for the tech-savvy crowd. User testing, however, showed their new audience was looking for a company they felt they could trust with something as sensitive as background checks. Their benchmark for trust? Banks with traditional, conservative sites.

Conservative does not have to mean boring. With the results of the user testing, the challenge was on to meet their trust level without compromising on creativity and interest. A new design direction set, the key to bringing life to Checkr’s site came through clean, clear icons and illustrations bringing a whimsical touch to “traditional” imagery. We also incorporated a distinct homepage hero section featuring a brief, animated product demo getting right to the nitty-gritty of what Checkr was all about.

Client Needs Provide an Opportunity for Change

The Checkr team had a good idea on the direction they wanted their content to go; however, the struggle became how to efficiently transfer those ideas. The size of the Checkr site was one of the larger ones we had worked on in terms of content, so we stepped up our game to define a process that could easily walk them through this and help corral a large amount of information.

Working iteratively with Checkr, the copy grew from concept to full text in a multi-step process working in tandem with the strategy and design phases. To get the basics out of the way, a content outline accompanied the flowchart, giving Checkr a page list with potential copy, image, and graphic needs. Next, page summaries built upon the foundation and included probing questions, brief notations for where the copy could go, and ideas for additional content — icons, illustrations, videos — that Checkr could answer, comment on, or begin to collect. From there, it was simply a matter of applying tone, voice, and storytelling to bring the copy to fruition.

Developed for Independence

During development, it was vital for the WordPress dashboard to include a robust integration of custom code providing a set of modular templates for Checkr to build new pages in the future. With their changing and expanding market, they needed to be able to rapidly create pages by section and build content on their timeline, all affordably. The dashboard customization granted Checkr a great degree of independence for managing their site with the security of knowing design support was never more than an email away.

Contact Conversion Rate up 42%

The site’s success speaks for itself. Over the course of using their new site for one quarter, Checkr saw an increase of 42% in the contact conversion rate, clearly delineating their ROI.

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