Our Best Tips for New Grads #1 – Stay Classy San Diego

As Ron Burgundy taught us, being classy is important.

No, we’re not talking about reading out of leather bound books, drinking scotch, or playing the Jazz flute – we’re talking about social media. If you’re stuck in a glass case of emotion, trust us, your employers, co-workers, and future clients certainly don’t want to hear about it. Below are our tips for keeping it classy online.

Think about how you want to be perceived. Then, post accordingly. It is important to be mindful of the things you say online. Swear off the use of profanity (get it?!), be cognizant of overly political or religious statements, and avoid getting into heated arguments or debates. Most people find these things to be off-putting, especially future employers and/or clients. Choose restraint.

When in doubt, un-tag. If you’re like us, you may find yourself being tagged on Facebook just minutes after the camera flashes, and often in not-so-flattering photos. If your friends are known for posting any and every picture they take, you may want to set your notifications to email you once you’re tagged so you can moderate your images. In addition, pay attention to the pictures you post. If you are a graphic designer, you should know what makes up a good quality photo – good lighting, good composition, etc. Make sure your photos (especially your profile pics) represent you and your style without sacrificing quality.

Don’t air your dirty laundry. Social media is an instant gratification tool that can be very dangerous. You can’t find a job, a rude biker just kicked your dog off a bridge, or you “just need to be alone right now.” We sympathize, but please – keep it to yourself and try to be positive. If you are searching for a job, want to keep the one you have, or need to score some new clients, count to 1,000 before you decide to vent to all your Twitter followers. These are things that flag you as a negative person, and no one wants to be around a “Negative Nelly.”

Lastly, don’t underestimate the reach of the world wide web. We all know, the worst thing you can do is post something bad about your employer online, unless you want to get fired. In addition to your employer, you never know who knows who. By posting something unseemly, you might be killing a great opportunity down the road. People are always watching, so play it safe and call your mom to complain. She won’t tell anyone.

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