Minorwhite Studios

Minorwhite Studios is a still and motion production company.

They create digital imagery, specializing in architecture, agriculture, conceptual still life, advertising, fashion, and music. They also happen to be our neighbors at the Mastercraft Building in North Downtown Omaha.

We had the great pleasure of working with our friends Bill & Scott at Minorwhite on an overhaul of their brand. We concepted and created a new logo, changing to a muted color palette, but keeping their orange as an accent. Staying away from kitschy icons traditionally used in photography brands was the key, and we set out to create a mark that truly stands out. Our inspiration was the perfect mixture of art and science that encompasses the craft of photography.

Their new website needed to be simple, clean, easy, and a place to organize and showcase their work. We worked off an existing theme that was provided by Minorwhite by applying their brand, and implementing custom features.

In addition to the brand and website, we are continuing to work with Minorwhite on four different magazine ads with the goal of showing their range of proficiencies. Our first is shown below.

Our efforts resulted in a unique but appropriate “grown up” brand, and the minimalist color scheme allows their colorful and vibrant photographs to take center stage.

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