We are excited to roll out some new work for Hayneedle, Inc. today.

Over the last couple months, we’ve had the privilege of redesigning their corporate website. Most local folks are familiar with Hayneedle, but for those of you who may not know, Hayneedle started as, a single online specialty store. It then grew to be NetShops, and more niche stores were added. In 2009, it was renamed Hayneedle, has since established itself as a Top 20 online retailer, and they have been named fastest growing online retailer by Inc. and Internet Retailer magazines.

Hayneedle came to us needing a creative facelift on their corporate site. Our challenges were: organizing the large amount of content, adequately reaching several different audiences in one site, and educating viewers about the different stores – / The Foundary / Plumstruck, and Hayneedle’s 250 niche brands. Organization concerns were put to rest with a large sub-navigation, and clear calls to action. Each store was set apart with its brand colors to give distinction, and the main audiences were each given their own page with targeted information so they can access what they need quickly.

Grain & Mortar had a blast working with such a colorful and progressive brand, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of their new website. Check it out!

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