Coffee with a Cop Logo and Website

The Coffee with a Cop program is centered around two ideas that we wholeheartedly support–building relationships that support better policing in our communities and drinking coffee.

Coffee with a Cop hosts gatherings over coffee in local restaurants, diners and coffee shops to connect community members with the police officers that serve them.

It’s no secret that police across the nation have been under scrutiny in recent years and the Coffee with a Cop program was started by members of the Hawthorne California Police Department in 2011 as one way to improve relations between police and community members. It has been growing quickly, nationally and internationally. We were asked to update their logo and create a new website and were pleased to contribute to something that was a proactive, positive step towards better policing across the country.

Logo Update

The original Coffee with a Cop logo was difficult to read at a small size. The program needed a logo that could work in a variety of applications–flyers, hats, t-shirts, vehicle signage–so our challenge was to retain elements of the original logo but update it by simplifying and modernizing the mark. Because the program was being exported to international police departments it also needed to be able to handle translations of “Coffee with a Cop” in multiple languages and still fit within the logo’s parameters.

We began by stripping the logo down to a one-color mark and eliminating several visual elements in order to boost readability. We focused on creating a badge–a symbol of honor and pride–as the primary visual motif along with a steaming cup of coffee. The color palette, font and iconography style were chosen to represent the friendly, straightforward qualities behind the Coffee with a Cop program.

New Responsive Website

Coffee with a Cop is run by working police officers who are busy solving homicides, running police departments and more. They needed a site that was easy to maintain and could handle high volume traffic from the press, police departments, and communities around the country.

We built a responsive, fast site in WordPress which makes it possible for the officers to maintain their content independently. Our goal was to keep the site lightweight and lean from the development side so it could handle high volumes of traffic.

One of the core tasks of the website was to display the events they host across the country. We built a custom events mapping feature to display all upcoming and past events. Best of all, we created an automated publishing feature so officers across the country can submit upcoming events that auto-publish upon approval. This frees the Coffee with a Cop officers from the drudgery of data entry and keeps them focused on the important stuff. Doughnuts. No. Police work.

Strategic Animation, Illustration and Copy

The animated conversation on the site’s home page appears simple but required significant thought in terms of copy, design and development. Illustrations throughout the site help define categories, provide quick signposts for key ideas and add some visual fun. We also strove to achieve a balance in the content to reflect the attitude of the program, itself–professional, helpful and responsive.

We are proud of the work Coffee with a Cop is doing and glad that we could help them contribute to the ongoing dialogue to improve community and police relations. We encourage everyone to attend an event in their area.

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