A year in the life

Exciting things are happening!

This past year we’ve kept busy keeping our heads down and doing what we do. We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to.

We’re working with some fantastic Omaha clients…

  • We had a blast working with Kaneko on their new website, which just went live!
  • We’re currently working with Do Space on redesigning and developing their website, set to launch in late summer.
  • The last several months we’ve been working with Mercury on revamping their brand, signage, and website – if you haven’t been, we highly recommend their amazing cocktails, and their food is not to be missed.
  • We recently started working with Fusion Medical and we’ve been happy to collaborate with them so far on elevating their web presence.
  • And beyond…

Earlier this year…

The team has been busy too…

  • Brooke has taken on learning how to code and is progressing very quickly. In fact you’ll be able to see her handiwork very soon.
  • Jesse is working on writing and designing a book that catalogues Omaha’s vintage logos. You can follow his progress on Instagram.
  • Eric has recently acquired a kitten, which was sadly abandoned by its mother. Eric has taken on the maternal role, and Camo now has a safe and warm home as the G&M studio kitty. You can follow Camo’s crazy life on Instagram.
  • Mike & Kristin became parents this year, with the birth of their son, Elliot. You can follow the cuteness on Instagram.

We’ve branched out…

As you can see, Grain & Mortar is still going strong, but we’ve started a couple other ventures we’re excited to share.

  • The first is Hookline. In 2015 we partnered with Zane Jones, formerly of AIM, and Dave Kerber from Agape Red to build a software platform for property management companies. We’re happy to announce that the first version of the app has launched in the App Store, and Zane is now working full time at Hookline. You can learn more about Hookline here.
  • The second is Territory Group. Many of you know Jesse Harding, who’s worked for G&M practically since the beginning. While Jesse still works for G&M as a designer, we have now partnered with him to form Territory Group, a design and development company that will collaborate with creatives, financiers, and tastemakers to create memorable experiences in unique spaces. Our first concept will roll out in the fall of 2018. Stay tuned! You can follow Territory on Instagram.
  • And last but not least – We’re moving!

If you know us, then you know we love the Mastercraft Building. It will always be the place that brought Eric, Mike, and Kristin together.

However, one of the first objectives of Territory Group has been to search for a real estate investment opportunity, and we’ve come across a deal we can’t pass up. So, we’re buying a building!

And what better tenant for us, but well…us. G&M will be leasing from Territory, and we’ll be moving in sometime in the next 6-9 months, once renovations are complete. We’ll update you on all the juicy details later, but what that means is our current studio is up for lease. If you or someone you know is interested, check out the details here.

Thanks for reading, we’ll update you in another 2 years or so… 😉

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