Why Can’t You Send Me a Dozen Logos to Pick From?

Logo-seekers, this message is for you: If any company provides you with a dozen logos or more to choose from, they’re doing you a disservice.

A logo is typically the most recognizable part of a brand. If managed correctly, it quickly becomes the instant visual memory when a name is heard. So with a role this important, strategy will trump quantity every time.

Are You Saying That Strategy Can’t Exist with More Logos?

Think about it this way: If you were determining your company mission, would a dozen different mission statements better assist you in honing in on what you see as the true mission or would it take you on different tangents and dilute your focus?

Much like how brainstorming and initial input gathering are vital for crafting a mission statement, they are important for designing a logo. By gathering information early, defining priorities and key values, and sorting through to the heart of the company/organization, the initial concepts for a logo should be narrowed down, targeted, and on point from the first iteration.

So What Is an Appropriate Number to Consider?

Typically, three is a good number to aim for: a conservative approach, a progressive approach, and a middle-of-the-road approach. This allows clients to determine how much they want to push their brand or how comfortable they feel stepping out of the box. Once in awhile a design team may include a fourth approach if they’ve got sound rationale as to the distinct differences of each that significantly reflect a part of the personality, tone, or values of the company. Beyond this, however, the nuances and meanings behind logos become more generic and less about the company itself.

For companies looking for a truly unique, personalized logo, a design team taking a thoughtful, strategy-based approach and providing a few strong contenders is highly recommended over a team providing a dozen or more with less tailoring. This doesn’t mean that the design team isn’t exploring multiple options behind-the-scenes; it means that they are brainstorming, sketching, and then selecting the highest-quality contenders to share.

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