Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs, a company based in San Francisco, offers a cloud-hosted, web and mobile application automated testing platform. We collaborated with their internal marketing team to update and improve key components of their brand.


Simple and Clean

We developed a set of illustrations inspired by blueprints. These were used throughout the Sauce Labs website and other marketing materials to convey different aspects of “productivity.”


An Internal Family Tree

As Sauce Labs hired more developers, it was important to foster an organized internal culture. We developed icons to represent each of their internal development teams. Our inspiration came from circuit boards, and each icon compliments the central Sauce Labs logo.

Website Design & Development

Join the Team; Join the Conversation

We designed a site to help with recruitment. Our goal was to promote and support the Sauce Labs developer community by showcasing events, talks, and hangouts with a blog-style platform.

Website Design & Development

A Better Experience

The main marketing site received updates to improve navigation and re-position Sauce Labs as an industry specialist. We softened the design by adjusting the color palette. We designed and delivered front-end code and let Sauce Labs’ developers take over the actual development of their site.