We developed a series of concepts featuring original characters and designed animated illustrations for Google.


Experimenting with Delight

Google approached us with an exploratory project: They were interested in developing characters to integrate into their apps like Google Hangouts. The characters needed to have clear personalities and promote a sense of fun and delight. They needed to be designed with limited colors and be animated for a designated number of frames and loopable. And then they gave us our favorite directive: If there’s something else you think should be explored, go for it.


Fruits and Veggies with Attitude

The world of fruits and vegetables provided inspiration. From kiwi that sneeze (yes, sneeze) their own guts out to ears of corn that lather on the butter like sunscreen. From plays on the fruit or vegetable itself to some serious double entendres, all of the characters gave a viewer reason to pause and chuckle.


Words with Pictures

A picture’s worth a thousand words. So how much is a picture with words worth? We converted some trending phrases into stylized pictures that let viewers convey their innermost feelings in a powerful way.


Character with a Beef

Imagine being a porcupine. People tend to avoid you, fear you, or sometimes just make fun of you. No one would blame you for having a beef with humanity. Meet Tim, the pissed-off porcupine. For this series, we put Tim in different scenarios and let him grump it up. What happens when he gets too close to a balloon? Or goes to the gym? Does Tim like pizza? Tim is an everyporcupine who also speaks for us humans, too.


We Like to Move It, Move It

We took each of our three series and added motion elements to bring just a bit more fun to the characters and scenes.