Day of the Dead

The Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island wanted to brand their third annual Day of the Dead Festival to better represent the event and attract more visitors.


Bringing New Life to an Ancient Tradition

Skulls are symbolic centerpieces of traditional Day of the Dead celebrations, so we knew that would be a component of the brand exploration. We experimented with different skull variations before we settled on a round, wide-eyed, sombrero-wearing version. Using an upbeat color palette and Aztec-inspired textures, we created a vivid world where this character could live.


Designing for Flexibility

It was essential that the logo be flexible for many event materials. We created a modular framework with individual elements that worked well together or individually. We used three different typefaces, which symbolically mimicked the diversity of the event itself. Together, the unique elements of each typeface create a harmony.


Building Character

We applied a whimsical style to our central character — a skeleton — who took part in all the festival’s activities.

Web Design & Development

Bare Bones Navigation

We made it easy to discover what was happening at the festival by building a website that was responsive and mobile-friendly.


Adding Delight

The mobile version of the site features a skull illustration as our menu icon. We had a little fun animating his response to menu activation.

"Grain & Mortar exceeded my already high expectations in every way.

They are a highly creative and talented team and extremely easy to work with. They carefully collected all of our wants and needs and created a totally original and functional work of art. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone."

Jocelyn Schade

Executive Director, Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island