AIM is a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to IT talent development, from early student interest to career connections and ongoing career development. We partnered with AIM on a campaign to expose students to information about careers in the technology field.


Keeping Our Aim on the Audience

The goal of the campaign was to encourage young people to consider a career within the IT industry by presenting information about the various sub-categories. Our overarching goal was to bring a sense of whimsy to the entire campaign. We humanized the information through a comprehensive set of illustrations.

Web Design & Development

Serious Data Can Be Fun

We developed a one-page website that kept information streamlined and compact. Within the page, readers could explore six different IT career paths through succinct copy and illustrated examples that highlighted the type of person that might enjoy this sub-section of the IT industry.


One Tool with Many Uses

We created an animated video to explain each of the six industries that was multi-purposed as embedded content for the website, a social media promotional tool, and a broadcast version.