University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska asked us to help them thank our fellow Nebraskans.

The University of Nebraska traditionally sends an official “thank you” to the citizens of Nebraska around the holiday season. This year, the University president wanted to go a little further. In addition to thanking Nebraskans for their support of our state’s University, he wanted to start a conversation about how the University impacts individual lives.

Grain & Mortar was asked to write and design a full-page newspaper ad and a landing page to thank the people of the state and ask them to share the reasons they were grateful for the University via Facebook and Twitter.

We developed a theme around the idea of living in a “state of gratitude.” Through copy and custom illustrations we demonstrated the many ways the University impacts the state – education, research, health care, innovation and outreach.

G&M has directly benefitted from the University of Nebraska – our very own Matt Carlson is a UNO alum (go Mavs!). We are very grateful to live and work in a state that values its University. If you feel the same gratitude, share your story:

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