New Work: Tim Kasher Poster

Tim Kasher is playing a dual show at O’leavers!

You may have seen our sneak peek of this earlier in the week. It’s no secret that we love designing gig-posters, so when we heard the front-man of Cursive (who now owns O’leavers) is playing a special two-night show at the partially renovated venue, we were excited. Designing a poster for a double show is double the fun, but also presented a unique problem. Do we design two posters or just one? I immediately thought it would be pretty cool to do just one poster that we could flip upside down and work both ways, like a playing card or a reflection. Since Kasher is also a guitarist, it made sense to incorporate the guitar, which lends itself well to being the symmetrical element in the center. We differentiated the two shows by using color and of course the date. I also thought it would be a fun concept to add the moon / sun in the middle of the guitar to hint at the change of time and day. I provided the concept and art direction, and Jesse Harding brought it to life with his mad design skills. Enjoy!

– Eric

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