Support Your Shelter Video

After reading that one of our local homeless shelters was in desperate need of basic supplies we decided to donate some items and create a video.

We wanted to use our creative abilities to help bring awareness and encourage donations to our local homeless shelters. Our plan was to share the video with our friends and family but then we decided we wanted the reach to be more expansive.

We created the video by animating custom illustrations and purposefully kept the call to action fairly generic. This allowed us to create something in-house that could be used by any homeless shelter in the country.

This was an internal side project that we decided we wanted to release before Christmas. In order to complete it in time we had to keep the design and the animation simple. We limited the movement in each scene, used simple backgrounds, and relied on storytelling over complicated technique in order to execute the video quickly.

Visually, our animation concept centered around a cardboard box that appears in various forms in almost every frame. The box morphs into key elements throughout the video – as the homeless man’s “shelter,” as the box donated items are stored in, and as the homeless shelter.

Thematically, we focused on a standard list of items homeless shelters need in order to serve their clients.

We posted the video on a variety of social media using the hashtag #SupportYourShelter and then emailed homeless shelters across the country to let them know they could use the video for their own purposes. No strings attached.

Watch the video, then find out what you can do to support your local homeless shelter.

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