New Work: Dropseed Studio Identity & Branding

The Grain & Mortar team recently had the privilege of designing a new identity for the design branch (get it?!) of Kinghorn Gardens,

which concentrates on responsible landscape architecture and design. They use processes that help the environment and utilize our native Nebraska resources in their designs.

Before even beginning the design phase, we went through an extensive naming process involving research, brainstorming, creative concepting, and sketching. We wanted to create a name and identity that was not only visually appealing, but conceptually compelling as well. We began the naming ideas via paper and pencil, putting our heads together with the team at Kinghorn Gardens. After many scribbles, doodles and name renditions, Dropseed Studio was created.

The Prairie Dropseed plant is native to Nebraska. It is used often in prairie restoration, and is a good indicator of ecosystem vitality. The plant gets its common name because the grass becomes top heavy in the fall and drops its seeds to the ground. In this way, the plant reseeds itself and reproduces. Because of these characteristics, we all agreed that Dropseed Studio was a fitting name for the new operation.

Once the name had been finalized, we were confronted with the challenge of incorporating the complexity of the brand’s subject matter, as well as the plant itself, into the logo design.

To begin the design process, we concepted ideas that revolved around the Dropseed plant itself. These ideas shifted slowly from paper sketches and drawings to digital. Since Dropseed Studio’s focus is landscape architecture, it made sense to incorporate the plant’s earthy color tones into the final palette. We landed on a minimalist design that incorporated a distilled adaptation of the plant into the final Dropseed Studio logo. The significance of the plant paired with the simplicity of the typography was the formula we were looking for.

We enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Kinghorn Gardens on the development of Dropseed Studio, and are looking forward to continuing the journey with them in the creation of the new Kinghorn Gardens website.

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