The Midwest Made Video Series

Introducing “The Midwest Made Series”, a collection of videos showcasing our love of illustration, motion and the Midwest.

We love the Midwest and Nebraska, in particular. Not too long ago we compiled a list of people and things that come from our beloved state. It was a pretty eclectic list and we thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to see this eclectic list animated?”

“Heck yeah!” we said, “Everything is better when it’s animated!”

So, we got Bryan to turn our list into a bunch of fun videos. Each video contains a combination of clues that identifies a specific person or thing from Nebraska. Starting today, we’re going to share the videos on Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, and Instagram. The rest of this week we’ll release a new video and you, our pals, can see if you’re able to figure out who or what is Midwest Made.

Watch each episode.





Q: How many Midwest Made videos will you release?
A: More than one. Less than 1,000,000.

Q: Will I be able to guess even if I’m not from Nebraska?
A: Of course! Nebraska is the birthplace of a lot of famous (and infamous) peeps, and some pretty cool stuff, too.

Q: What do I win if I guess who or what the video is about?
A: Our undying devotion. A sense of accomplishment.

Q: Where can I get my own cool video about something I really love?
A: We know a guy. Give us a call.

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