Make School

MakeSchool is creating an environment where students learn by building and shipping their own software products

We were introduced to the founders of MakeSchool through a referral from Y Combinator partner, Kevin Hale. MakeSchool offers a unique supplemental option to the traditional college experience for students interested in learning mobile and web development or computer science theory. MakeSchool is able to give students experiences beyond the standard college computer science degree through hands-on work building apps and networking opportunities with professionals in the tech industry.

We updated the existing MakeSchool logo mark to give it an academic appeal. The website, itself, was designed and developed with a focus on two distinct audiences. It was important to appeal to a pre-college or college-age student. We also had to be mindful of the concerns parents would have about the financial investment of a Gap Year or Summer Academy experience. The website was organized and designed to provide a satisfying user experience for students and their parents.

MakeSchool trains developers with necessary technical skills and provides direction on important communication skills such as pitching, writing and email etiquette. With the unique ability to provide internships at Silicon Valley powerhouses like Facebook and Apple, MakeSchool is a dream opportunity for many young founders and software developers. Learn more about MakeSchool.

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