Datos IO Logo and Website

Our latest project challenged us to tell a story without revealing too much information.

When Tarun Thakur contacted us to help out with a logo and website for Datos IO, an enterprise software startup dedicated to disrupting recovery management, we said, “Sure!” Quickly followed by, “What is it?”

Since Datos IO was a stealth-mode software startup, we knew we weren’t the only ones that would ask, “What is it?” The answer is complex, abstract and a game-changer for any industry that has massive amounts of data to store and manage.

Given the stealth nature of Datos IO, we can’t share too many details. But, we can say they are building an enterprise software product from the ground-up that transports information across time. For real. Across. Time. It allows users to embrace emerging Big Data stores, NoSQL data stores and Cloud Native data stores in conjunction with traditional structured data stores to establish a “single state of truth” for all the enterprise’s data. Enterprises can essentially create separate data universes and toggle back and forth between them. For the non-technical folks, suffice it to say, Einstein would be proud.

Our first task was to convert this technical, complex and abstract idea into a logo.

For the logo, we created a custom typeface to represent Datos IO’s unique and first-mover position in the industry. We incorporated the concept of connected and uninterrupted pathways with the letters “T” and “O”.

Next, we created a website to explain the who, what and why.

Datos IO is a venture-backed enterprise software startup with an innovative and disruptive product. Their first priority for the website was to introduce the concept and their rock star team. They wanted to share the concept with a global audience but, all under the hood of “stealth start-up.”

We were tasked with creating a website from the bottom up. The folks at Datos IO provided us with research and articles to read. From there, it was up to our own imaginations to determine how to best deliver this information to the website visitors.

Regardless of complexity, we always focus on creating a clear and digestible message for website users. In this instance, graphics and a bit of animation helped us translate some of the more complicated ideas into manageable portions.

Datos IO challenged us to understand and represent an enterprise data management software product – without talking about “how” and “what” in detail given their stealth-stage. We love taking on projects that stretch our knowledge base and we’re excited to watch Datos IO grow from market creator to industry leader.

Check out what Datos IO is all about.

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