Big Omaha 2015

It’s no secret we’re passionate about startups, entrepreneurs, and the Midwest.

We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with Big Omaha, the perfect blend of all three.

Each year, the design for Big Omaha has always been fun and unexpected, and we give huge props to Oxide Design for the work they’ve done to create a baseline of excellence for Big Omaha’s brand.

This year, we created a new design for Big Omaha that will remain consistent year after year. Our mission was to establish iconic branding that pays homage to the past, allows us to maintain consistency, and is easily modified for a unique experience each year forward.

We decided on a simple typographic mark that hints at the shape of the state of Nebraska. Everyone loves the cow, the cow stays.
The site was inspired by Google’s material design language.

Along with the branding, we’ve released a motion video and the new website with the 2015 speaker lineup.

We’ll be following up soon with another post detailing the website and all its features, as well as the concept and creative process behind the motion video.

That’s all for now – don’t forget to get your tickets!

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