New Work: A Strategic Approach to Three Common Problems

Recently, we had the chance to create a website for AOI, a successful Omaha-based company.

AOI builds and furnishes work environments for a variety of industries. As they approached their 30th anniversary, it was an ideal time to update their website. During our initial research phase, we met with AOI’s president and division leaders to understand their business pain points and vision for the company’s future. The insight they provided formed the basis for the creative strategy we developed.

In order to help position the company for the next level of success, AOI’s new website needed to address three problems:

  • State their business more clearly.
  • Promote their services more effectively.
  • Represent their company culture more authentically.


State your business clearly.

AOI was founded by two friends in 1985. Their original and sole focus was on construction. Over time, the company grew and they expanded their services to include furniture and architectural products. Today AOI offers a complete package when it comes to building and furnishing spaces, and their website needed to shine the light equally on their three service areas.

Our goal was to ensure that wherever visitors found themselves on the new AOI site, they would understand the company was comprised of three distinct service areas. We made sure their three services groups were promoted consistently, from the copy to images to navigation.

Promote your services effectively.

AOI’s brand was well-developed and they had the internal resources to promote their services. What they lacked was a website that worked as hard as their in-house team. We built a new site that is mobile-friendly, responsive, and fast.

We coded first for mobile then worked up the device chain to desktops. We focused on delivering only the necessary amount of content for each platform. The result is first-load times of 1-2 seconds on LTE and 8-10 seconds on 3G.

We also boosted performance with responsive images aimed at sending the right image size for the device. Ajax helped load page-specific content while browsing to reduce loading between pages. Animations and interactions — like on the portfolio pages — were made to provide a fast, almost native, experience.

We added schema microdata to boost SEO and Open Graph tags which ensures the portfolio pieces look great when shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Houzz. The search feature is additionally enhanced with built-in suggestions and stackable results for easy movement around the site.

Now, wherever an AOI employee is, they can quickly call up information a potential client might be interested in, such as past projects or service areas.

Represent your company culture authentically.

AOI has a strong internal culture, and they are proud of the loyalty and commitment of the team they’ve built. It was important for them to showcase this, and we did so in a couple of ways.

We created a “company” page that provided an overview of AOI’s history and highlighted the company philosophy. Additionally, we integrated employee photos and testimonials throughout the site. When you have employees who are dedicated enough to say things like, “Whether it’s sharing labor or lending a hand on one another’s project after hours, we pull together to do what needs to be done,” you should share that. It speaks volumes about the caliber of your team and by extension, the quality of service you will deliver to your clients.

AOI has a durable reputation and offers high-quality customer experiences. Now that they have a customized website and the CMS to keep it updated, they will be able to promote themselves clearly, effectively, and authentically. There is no limit to where the next 30 years will take them.

Take a look at AOI’s new website. »

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